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At Cox Design Build we take pride in building a structurally sound and energy efficient home through the use of energy conserving or environmentally friendly (green) materials and systems. All of the installed foundations and framing systems are engineered by a state registered professional engineer and inspected to assure a sound structure. The installed Mechanical systems are of the most recent technologies available to the client. All interior finishes will be installed per the client's selection and to the highest standards. Ultimately at CDB, we strive to provide the client with a home of lasting value that is functional and energy efficient. CDB stands on the cutting edge of construction technology and energy conservation such as Rain Water Capture Systems, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Foam Insulation Systems, High Efficient AC Systems and Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems.

Innovative Products

Steel Framing

Light gauge steel framing is ideal for unusual forms such as barrel vaults, arches and domes. It is fast and saves in material and labor costs.

Green Building Systems and Technologies

Rain Water Capture Systems

An old technology is gaining popularity in a new way. Rainwater harvesting is enjoying a Renaissance of sorts in Texas, but it traces it's history to biblical times.

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Wind Energy

Consumers who install residential small wind systems with a nameplate capacity of not more than 100 kilowatts can receive a 30% residential tax credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency systems placed in service before December 31, 2016

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Solar Energy

A typical solar installation, after considering local, state, and federal rebates, will pay for itself in 8-12 years.

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Foam Installation Systems

Spray polyurethane foam is an effective insulation because it forms an air barrier around your structure — sealing and insulating in one step. Once it is sealed, the air inside can be controlled by your heating and air unit.

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High Efficient AC Systems

Daikin mechanical systems allow each room in the house to have its own thermostat, providing the highest level of comfort and control for the residents.

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Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

As a "green" technology - geothermal systems are three times more efficient than conventional systems and have no harmful emissions.

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